Public Domain Masonic Reading and the Kindle

Newtons PrincipiaThere are many titles that are free to read and own because the copyright expired and the books enter the public domain or when originally written the author did not copyright the book. It is common that can get most of these books in the eBook PDF form. Many times a PDF can be very clunky to read like we read a normal book because it can be hard to save what page we are on or to take notes.

To make the eBook easier to read you may want to add them to your kindle device or kindle reader library so that it will be easier to read and easier to add notations or highlights to pages. This blog post will tell you how to do get the public domain NH Grand Lodge Recommended Masonic reading onto your Kindle and/or into your Kindle Library.

First, where can you find the list of public domain books? That is easy, on the New Hampshire Grand Lodge Website under recommended reading for masons, here is the link: . To make it easy I have also added the list of public domain eBooks here.

Public Domain books available in the PDF Format, as listed from the Grand Lodge of NH.

Use the following steps to add the books to your Kindle Device and/or into your Kindle library.

  1. Select the book you want to read by selecting the book link.
  2. Once the pdf is in your browser window Select the [download] option
  3. Once you download the book you can then email it to your Amazon Kindle Account
  4. Follow all the directions on this Amazon help Page: , and send yourself the book. Please note you have to add the email you will be sending the pdf to an approved list, Amazon does this for your safety.

Next time you log into the Kindle Device or Application the book that you emailed yourself will be there and then you can read it at your leisure.

As I have noted you do not need a Kindle device to do this, you just need the kindle App and this is available for Android or iPhone devices or your tablet computer and of course for Windows and Macintosh. If you don’t have the Kindle reader application and you want to download it for your device you can do so at the website or you can get the application in your phones application store.

The kindle reader is free of charge.

The list on this blog post is just those recommended on the NH Grand Lodge website as recommended reading for Masons. There are many more out there, you can always check your lodges website or other places to find more public domain books available for free. As always be careful of what you read make sure it is accepted reading material, if you are unsure simply ask the lodge.

Please note there are many other books in the public domain, and in all categories, science, history and all the liberal arts: here is a link explaining public domain:

You can also download for free a PDF eBook that is in the public domain that contains the Harris Lodge History as part of a History of Warner, New Hampshire, for One Hundred and Forty-four Years, from 1735 to 1879.

You can also get The First Six Books of The Elements of Euclid (1847) for some light summer reading!

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