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April 2017 Trestleboard


Of Harris Lodge #91, Warner, New Hampshire, Stated Meeting, Calendar, Dates to Remember


Greetings from the East


The 2017 annual meeting and election of officers is now behind us. I extend my humble thanks to the lodge for electing me Worshipful Master for another year. Over the last year efforts have been made to stabilize our lodge and now we can begin to chart our future course. To that end I ask two questions; what do you expect from your Masonry and is Harris Lodge everything you want it to be. These topics will be raised for discussion in future meetings.

We have brothers who need to progress in Masonry and I intend to hold a Fellow Craft degree in conjunction with our April communication. Our DDGM Larry Sprague will deliver the middle chamber lecture (schedule permitting). I will be posting notice of the rehearsals to the officers.
Things to begin to think about include fund raising ideas for the lodge, how we want to commemorate the 300th celebration of St. John’s Sunday in June and what additional activities we might like to try.

We have been informed of the passing of two brothers, Gordon Heddeng and Victor Wright. There are no details about services for these brothers yet, we will let you know when we know more.

I am excited that you will soon see changes to our trestleboard. We are going to try to include more color and more information about Harris Lodge and its members past and present.

I hope to see you all at one of our upcoming functions.
Karl R. Olson,

New Officers Elected

Our New Junior Warden Bro. Andy Bennett
Our New Junior Warden Bro. Andy Bennett

At our Annual meeting, we elected our officers for 2017. First time elected officers were Bro. Andy Bennert as Junior Warden and Bro. Robert B. Yonaitis as Secretary. For a complete list of officers elected and appointed please visit our website:
We have all watched Bro. Bennert pass through his lessons, ritual and all Lodge work with devotion and hard work.
It is great to see this advancement along with Bro. Zanes advancing to Senior Warden and Bro. Dearborn stepping up to Senior Deacon. Of course, thanks to all the officers continuing in their roles from last year. You can view photos from the event on our blog and Facebook.

Official 2017 Officer Photo
The official 2017 officers photo will be taken at the next stated meeting, make sure you look dapper, this will be used for our social media; Facebook, Twitter, Website and next month’s Trestleboard.

Social Media – You Can Help
In case you did not know we have social media presence on the internet through Facebook, Twitter, our Website and our own blog.


All Photos that are posted on Facebook by the Secretary will also be posted on the blog.

Also, please feel free to submit your own stories or photos for the blogs or Facebook. We will proofread and edit your stories for you. Please send your photos or stories to the secretary.
Reminder: If you have not sent in your 2017 dues they are due, please remit them ASAP. If you have questions about your dues or dues card please e-mail,

Know someone in sickness or distress call Fred 224-6892 or Louie 746-3160

A Special Thanks

Bob and Lynne Lawrie
Bob and Lynne Lawrie

This is the first Trestleboard that I have helped to put together as Secretary. I follow in the footsteps of Harris Lodge’s Past Master, and Past Secretary, Worshipful Bro. Robert W Lawrie. Bob will be a hard act to follow and I am sure all brethren will join me in extending our thanks for all he has done for the Lodge. While Bro. Lawrie will no longer be our Secretary, we hope to see him and Lynne around the Lodge as often as possible.


April Masonic Birthdays
Gary J. Gross — 4-29-2009
William D. Chapin, Sr. — 4-11-1962
Lee M. Brewster — 4-04-1998
Donald H. Wheeler, Jr. — 4-16-1986
Justin H. Dearborn — 4-29-2009

  • Dates to Remember:
    Sat     Apr 8th     4:30 PM     New England Brotherhood Night, East Providence RI More information:
  • Wed     Apr 12th     7:30 PM    Harris Lodge Stated Meeting and FC degree, Dinner at 6:30pm
  • Mon     Apr 17th     7:00 PM    Masters and Wardens Class (4th District) – St. Peter’s Lodge (Bradford) or King Solomon’s Lodge (Elkins)
  • Wed     May 10th     7:30 PM   Harris Lodge Stated Meeting, Dinner at 6:30pm

Please remember the Harris Lodge Calendar is now Online:

“Associate with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation; for it is better to be alone than in bad company.” Bro. George Washington. Read more about George Washington as a Mason at this Website:

Worshipful Master
Karl R. Olson
Tel: 603.361.5533


Robert B. Yonaitis
Tel 603.496.7414

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December 14 Stated and EA Degree

Last night was our final stated before going dark for the winter and a EA Degree for three new brothers. We hope you enjoy the pictures.  Remember you can click on a picture to view it full size


img_8341-2 img_8340-2 img_8339-2 img_8336-2 img_8333-2 img_8332-2 img_8331-2 img_8329-3 img_8325-2 img_8322-3 img_8313-2 img_8311-2 img_8304-2 img_8303-2 img_8295-2 img_8293-2 img_8287-2 img_8286 img_8282-2

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Continued Fellowship

dscn9890In my lasts two posts I discussed my work and practice in the Fraternity since joining. In this last short post, I wanted to share some of my thoughts and hopes going forward.  You might not know this but there are many opportunities to participate in Masonry beyond your lodge.  However, you must be careful with how many commitments you take on and manage your time. As an engineer, I can usually find gems of wisdom in the popular TV and Movie Series Star Trek. For example, here is a conversation between two chief engineers, Scotty and La Forge, that speaks to time commitments:

Lt. Commander La Forge: Yeah, well, I told the Captain I’d have this analysis done in an hour.

Scotty: How long will it really take?

La Forge: An hour!

Scotty: Oh, you didn’t tell him how long it would really take, did ya?

La Forge: Well, of course I did.

Scotty: Oh, laddie. You’ve got a lot to learn if you want people to think of you as a miracle worker.

In this conversation is a helpful rule of thumb; if you commit yourself to do something you must do it, do your best to be on time for any commitments, and it is always better to be seen as a miracle worker versus a person that is late or fails to perform up to commitments that they take on. Scotty’s message is to give yourself some time for the inevitable life happenings that may impact your plans.

As for myself, in my first very active year, I have taken this to heart. While I try to help and offer myself, my time, and my abilities to my Lodge, I take the commitment very serious and I want to be successful, not just for myself or personal pride, but for the lodge and the fraternity. I have taken several rolls onto myself with my Blue Lodge:

  • I create, maintain, and upgrade the Lodge web presence, including but not limited to; Blogs, Website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WordPress.
  • I have had the privilege to stand in as Chaplain
  • I have had the privilege to stand in as a Steward
  • I have tried to help in degree practices as needed
  • I even offered to be Secretary when one was needed, given my experience in life running several companies, I thought I could help, My W.M. Informed me that I was not qualified and not a Mason for a sufficient period – but I tried!

Beyond my Lodge, I have become a member of the Scottish Rite, an Appendant body of the Masons, in the Valley of Concord, NH.  I have completed a set of degrees including the 32nd Degree .  I have found myself volunteering again with the Scottish Rite, where I have volunteered to be an editor of the Valley of Concord Newsletter, and I agreed to take a part in what is known as the 14th Degree. It is a different responsibility. When you take a part in the line or chairs you are committing that you have the time to take learn and perform the role as once accepted the fraternity is counting on you. Life gets busy as does work and family, but if you make the commitment to learn and do a task for your lodge or the Rite you must follow through and after some conversation with my family I accepted the commitment.
What is perhaps most exciting to me can be expressed by the Scottish Rite Passport.  When you become a member, you receive a passport book with Pages describing each degree. When completing a degree, you get a stamp – like a passport stamp! This made me think of my US Passport. I added pages twice and have many pages and many stamps, they are emblematic of my travel and my collected experience, understanding, and new friends on six of the seven continents. I do have friends that go to the seventh (Antarctica), but none of them live there!  One may view the Scottish Rite Passport in the same way. As you go through degrees you learn some things, you reinforce the fraternity’s values and you make friends.  I look forward to travelling all over the USA to experience all of the degrees. I look forward to meeting new friends and reconnecting with other brothers along the way.

As in any other organization, this fellowship requires work- but do not worry – the oaths and obligations that you will take upon yourself do provide guidance on getting along with other brothers, and truly accepting people who you might not know outside of the lodge.  If you can live up to those principals, you will do just fine with any Mason that you meet. At the very least, you are living up to your oath and obligations.

There is a huge benefit as well, in that the discipline that I believe is required for managing your commitments as a Mason can help you in other areas of your life. As an example, I will share a story. As an engineer I have come up with many processes. One process, that I’ve used professionally, for all of my teams, has been specifically around managing tasks and the progress towards completion of them. I’ve used status reports to communicate this kind of regular progress. In my experience, it was a good way to manage teams of Scientists, Sales People, Marketing, or any type of person.  One day, one of my sales managers came into my office to talk to me.  He said “I wanted to thank you.”  I responded, “For what?” He then told me that his son had been having problem managing schoolwork and sports and his grades were falling to the point of concern. He said that he implemented the Status report that we used in the company to manage tasks, and it relieved all the pressures for his family and his son improved in both grades and sports.

I share this story because it illustrates for me, how practicing the values of the fraternity has not only improved me not only in the different roles I have performed in lodge, but also it has improved me in my non-related activities. We all can be better; we all have room to improve but sometimes we forget to set goals. The fraternity can help bring focus to what you value and therefore you can adjust your actions to better achieve your goals.  And more importantly, you can have some fun and help your community. I look forward to the Continued Fellowship with fellow Masons and to receive more light.

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November Trestleboard

The November Trestleboard is available tb11-nov-2016a

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Becoming a Mason

Knight Rose CroixIntroduction

This Saturday, I was at St. Johns Lodge in Portsmouth New Hampshire. I was there to receive some Degrees as a member of the Scottish Rite, a Masonic appendant body, including the 18th Degree Knight Rose Croix. The term “appendant body” basically means that to become a member of the Scottish Rite you must first be a Mason. This day made me recall how I first came to be interested in Freemasonry.  I thought I would share my personal journey in becoming a Mason on the Website of my Lodge, Harris Lodge No. 91. I think it is best to do this in three blog posts; Becoming a Mason, My First Years as a Mason, and Continuing Fellowship.  This is the first post of the three.

Becoming a Mason

It was at one score and sixteen years ago that I had met a Mason for the first time. I don’t remember his name but I do remember when I met him. The year was 1980, I was reading  a Physics book at an “Au bon Pain Café” in Harvard Square in Cambridge , Massachusetts. I was a student at the time, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as part of a Science, Technology Education and Math (“STEM”) program for qualified High school students that were invited to attend classes at MIT.

I enjoyed going to Harvard Square before going to class, as it was a “cool” place for a kid from Quincy. In this Café I noticed a man, a Harvard student (obvious by his sweatshirt), he was reading an old and tattered book with a prominent Square and Compasses emblem on the dust jacket. I was a bit curious about the book and in need of a break from my own Physics book – so I asked him, “Excuse me, what is your book about?” He stared at me for a bit and said, “How old are you?” I responded back a little indignant, “16 and soon to be 17,” (The young always want to be older.)  He responded that it was a book about Freemasonry. I asked, “Freemasonry?” He responded “Yes.” I then asked “What is Freemasonry?” He responded that it was about a fraternity of men and that I was too young to be a member. He went back to reading and I walked away with many questions unanswered.

That afternoon after class I went directly to the public library when I was back in Quincy and started to read more. I found books on Freemasons, and one Freemason in particular caught my attention, that was Ben Franklin. I was very interested in this because Ben Franklin was a founding father of the United States and a Freemason. More importantly he was a Scientist and I considered myself, even at that time, to be a scientist – or at least I aspired to become one. I read about the many great thinkers that were Freemasons and I got more excited. Then I read somewhere that you had to be 21 to be in the fraternity. I also remembered the Harvard student saying that I was too young so I returned the books to their shelves and went about my life.  Over the years I read more about the Masons and of course saw mention of Famous Masons in books. I also saw many Masonic Temples but my interest waned.

Many years later, my interest was renewed by the 2004 movie “National Treasure”, from Disney. This movie was about a treasure hunter seeking a lost treasure that was brought to America around the time of the founding of the country, by the Freemasons that were our Founding Fathers. I started reading again and several years later I found out that I had friends that were Masons. I asked a mutual friend about how to become a Mason, and he was out of state and wrote a message to a lodge in Portsmouth Ma, introducing me, and mentioning that I wanted to join the Masons.

I do not remember the exact year, but I remember the response was something like, “we like to select our own members” or something like that and I let the idea go for a while.  It was around 2013, that I noticed a square and compass present on a friend’s; sweatshirt or truck, I do not recall exactly what I saw. I remember saying, “Freemasons, I have always been interested.” I asked many questions and I was then offered by my friend to join by petitioning for membership into the Fraternity and to what would become my Lodge.  It was a short process which included meeting other members of the Lodge before officially being accepted to the Fraternity. After that, I began my degree work. There was studying!  I have learned that there is always studying and commitment, otherwise known as work, to acquire anything that is worthwhile. Being a Mason is definitely worthwhile.

In my next post I will discuss my first few years as a Mason, the parts of it that are not held as secret, something that I wish the Harvard student had explained to me. I hope to share what I have learned and have gotten from being a Mason and what I perceive the benefits of the Fraternity. I will leave the reader with a few last thoughts; If you want to be a Mason or are curious about Masonry, just ask one and yes there are programs for a 16-year-old, it is DeMolay:

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First Full Day of the WFFF

The Warner Fall Foliage Festival is in full swing. Please feel free to stop by our Lodge and talk to some of our members, get a water and see the inside of our building, all are welcome. Also please do stop by for our Open House next week.

We hope you have a great time at the WFF – That barbecue behind our lodge looks real good!

img_8234 img_8232 img_8230 img_8229 img_8227 img_8226 img_8225 img_8223 img_8220 img_8219 img_8218-2 img_8217 img_8215 img_8212 img_8205 img_8202 img_8201 img_8197 img_8194 img_8188 img_8184 img_8183 img_8181 img_8180 img_8179 img_8178 img_8177 img_8176 img_8175 img_8173 img_8172 img_8171 img_8170 img_8169 img_8168 img_8167 img_8163 img_8160 img_8157 img_8156 img_8154 img_8150

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Setup: Warner Fall Foliage Festival

They are starting to set up for the Warner Fall Foliage Festival ( ) around our lodge

14492455_1129800117099153_3413605197148376090_n 14633045_1129800083765823_1817761538746211481_n

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Please do stop by, say hello and have a respite during the Warner Fall Foliage Festival. – please see #14 on the attached map The Festival runs Oct 7-9 2016


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2016 Harris Lodge Scholarship winner Announced

Roger Williams UniversityCONGRATULATIONS To Jacob Louis Faretra

Recipient of the Harris Lodge No. 91 F.&A.M. Annual College Scholarship

He will be attending Roger Williams University in Bristol R.I.

The award will be presented at the next stated meeting and pictures will be uploaded then.


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